Translation and teaching languages

Petra Burianová

Nabídka jazyků

I provide for translations of general concentration, web pages, instructions for dealing new machines and equipments, or texts with ecological problems. Moreover I offer translation of Russian and Polish languages.

Offers of translations:

German-Czech, English-Czech, Spanish-Czech, French- Czech, Russian-Czech, Polish-Czech and vice versa.


List of prices:

Price are cited in a norm page of these parameters:

1800 signs and approximately 250 words per page


Consecutive interpreting

I also offer interpreting services as consecutive interpreting (subsequent translation of individual sections of speech)

Prices for interpreting:

Prices for interpreting are counted in hours. Breaks and interruptions to events are included in the total time.



1/3 advance payment for translations, after deliver of translation to pay the rest of full price, orders over 250 norm pages have a discount of 10 %.

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